Labor Day

Labor Day brings to mind a three-day weekend, sales, and gatherings with friends and family (all fun!) but it’s also really about the men and women among us who design, manufacture and make the creature comforts and items we use on a daily basis. From the parts and assembly of the cars we drive, the appliances we use daily, all the products in our homes and so much more. To really observe in our highly consumer driven society that “someone, somewhere had a part in making this” is a thought that at times, escapes us. Part of our philosophy at WP is being cautious of what we buy, where we source from and the production methods used. Labor Day is a celebration of (and dedicated to) the social and economic achievements of workers and their contributions to the strength, prosperity, and well being of our country. With this National Tribute, we want to thank, celebrate and honor you all.labor-day


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