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2015 marks a turning point for Waxing Poetic as the brand embarks on an exciting new chapter, introducing all new contemporary new jewelry designs, representing themes of reflection, reawakening and transformation. Bridging our storied roots into a more contemporary and trend forward direction (and still keepsake) has inspired pieces that illuminate the freedom that change brings. Similar to one’s own personal journey, Waxing Poetic wants to share its own journey with you.

When you create, you are bringing your dreams, vision and a form of purpose to the world around you. We take great pride in our creations, considering not only what meanings they hold to us, but more importantly, the potential meanings they will hold for you.

Our brand has always been about more than just jewelry. And because you’ve inspired us with your stories, emotional connections, and unique and personalized style, we’ve created a new way to celebrate and connect with you… Tag your #WaxingPoetic with #iampoetic and tell us what it means to you, what it symbolizes and stands for. We’ll be sharing many of our favorites from our #iampoetic fans, so join in the celebration and show us your #WaxingPoetic!

We are kicking off #iampoetic with a photo contest! Tag #iampoetic on Instagram and be entered to WIN a $100 Waxing Poetic Gift Certificate to use at www.waxingpoetic.com, and the chance to have your photos regrammed with love and appreciation. We'll announce a winner November 2nd!


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