Fashion and Trend Advice from Lead Designer Stephanie #2

Stack to Create Lengths

It is very impressionistic to create a bold look that is rich in textures and details. A way to do this is by stacking thin pieces like narrow rings and bangles, worn many at a time reaching past the wrists and filling fingers. Around the neck, stacking a range of lengths or doubling a long chain creates thinner layers that drape and feel elongating. To exaggerate the style, mix a very short length with a very long length. Stacks of carriers still give a layered and textured look regardless of how many charms are incorporated. When layering charms themselves, the same idea applies where pieces look best mixed in a range of shapes and sizes, triangulated with longer foundation pieces toward the center and smaller charms on the sides. Or, on the arms with heavier charms closer to the wrists and lighter charms higher up the arm when multiple bracelets are stacked.bangles stacked, waxing poetic


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