Fall 2020 Sneak Peek

Our jewelry here at Waxing Poetic has always been designed with the purpose of helping you tell the story of your own unique journey. Each handcrafted piece is a marker of meaning with which you can commemorate your life—its joys, and the challenges overcome; the loved ones who have walked beside you (and will to the end); the dreams that keep you going; and how far you have come. 
In remembering, we unearth the very hope and strength to propel us [on/onward]. Though this year has seen its share of thorns, it is in hindsight [20/20] that we can also discover the gifts speckled throughout. The gift of a season returning to the simple happinesses of life. The gift of being present, at home and with family. The gift of time for one another, ourselves, and rest. (Among countless others.)
Our new Fall Collection is about just that: unveiling the beauty in the process, celebrating the growth that comes from change (and the many ways you have become along the way), in order to give you courage for each step, every tomorrow, and all the grand adventures that await ahead.
Here's a sneak peek to our Fall 2020 Collection, launching September 8th.
For more markers of meaning, browse through our best sellers now.

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