Enduring, oldfangled silver

I have been working in sterling silver for over fifteen years and it is something akin to a material love affair.  I first fell in love with silver as a young girl… my mother and grandmother had beautiful pieces in sterling silver amongst their more costumey pieces, and there was always a quality about these silver pieces that I loved.  They were collectible, inscribed, and felt real. They were treasured, worn and loved.  They had a history and felt cultural and special.

Silver can be worked in so many ways - I just love these processes.   When I visit our artisans in Bali and watch them work, I am just swept up in the humble humanity and warmth of their techniques. Pulling silver wire by hand, assisted by a small motor, is the very beginning of it.  Casting, hammering, twisting, polishing, pickling, oxidizing... all with the wonderful energy it calls for (and maybe room for stones in various bezels that are hand set).  This feels like the authentic way to produce our designs… the antithesis of mass produced jewelry.  So enduring, like the people who wear the jewelry.

This warm, clean artful metal remains timeless and at the core of Waxing Poetic’s aesthetic, and ready now more than ever to grace our lovely necks, wrists and fingers when we need a dose most.

Keeping it real, xo,



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