Discovery: a note from our founder, ceo and creative director, Patti


We move sometimes quite quickly through summer, and then that ripe old guy August (picture him: a warm, wise elder) comes around again, with barely any notice, signaling the end of the season. What to do, dear friend August? We were having so much fun (we wink, dusting the sand off our feet)...

Take stock. The days are still long, and a little planning goes a long way to usher in a new season of possibilities. So, we appraise our resources, and potential. We understand what we have, and envision our future - what we want to live the life we’ve imagined. As a partner, friend, or parent, to give the most we can? This is good work.

The time is now, says dear old August. Take inventory, and fill your heart, mind and life with the things that are missing, the things you love that bring you joy, and the things you simply need more of. A new, wonderful season is upon us, and we are grateful in our preparation! Thank you August , for all your gifts (sand and surf and sun included), and for reminding
us to prepare for our highest potential in the season(s) ahead.

Looking forward with love, Patti


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