Delighted States of America!

USA State Charms

America is a patchwork, a paragon of piecemeal personal narratives and particular details…and a place for everyone (and everyone in his/her place, yes? Yes indeed)… But as for how it all adds up… we were at a loss. Or a little bit of a loss. So we asked you (and you, and you, and you, and our friends, and our families, and our obscure distant but still loved associates elsewhere…) and you answered the question: what makes a state a place, a home? You answered. Bits and scraps, something redolent of home… all the little pieces added up, together and for you and for all of us and… we piece it together, together, and beautifully, and with music, and love, and pieces of poetry. This is how we make sense of the world, and how we make the world, and how, in turn, we make… a nation. A quilt. A chorus. A great love. Let’s do this. Let’s revel. 



Melanie Glass

- October 13, 2020

do you have any idea where I can get an AR delighted states charm? I know they are retired, but I want one so bad.

Tara Simone

- April 11, 2013

Hi, I would love to know the meaning of the image on the NY charm and the saying on the back. I’m a born and bred NYer and for the life of me, other than the baseball bat, I don’t have a clue.

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