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I’m currently in love with the silver twisted link with brass rings chain. I love the elegant and feminine feel to the chain. It has the simple yet girlie look that fits my particular style.  I also like the contrast of the brass and silver links that makes the whole necklace pop when I wear it.  I typically wear my chain with the medium poetic cross, December birth ornament charm, and a silver crest insignia in the letter C.  In true Waxing Poetic style, this particular combo tells a story that I hold close to my heart.

But I also like to combine what I like to think of as our more feminine or pretty pieces with this chain, like the Storybook, Mother of Pearl and—another one of my absolute favorites—Realize True Riches charms!

Constantly working with customers and helping them create their own stories behind their necklaces, makes it really hard to not fall in love with every piece. I personally like to work first from the chain. I think each chain has its own style, for whatever I feel like for the day.  When I’m feeling “girlie” I go for my twisted link chain and when I feel a little “edgy” I grab my long baby ball or large rolo chain.  That’s what I love about Waxing—there is something for every style, story, and memory.


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- April 06, 2012

I love your site. It has been a real help for me. Thanks a lot.

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