Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Hi All,

It’s already the middle of October! October, as you ought to know, is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is a particularly big deal at Waxing Poetic.

We’re a company predominantly composed of women, we make jewelry (for everyone, but especially ladies), and we’re generally obsessed with honoring mamas everywhere, so when a designated month appears to spread the word about the ongoing battle to vanquish a foe that threatens our heroines, OH YES we’re going to do something about it. Several somethings. And keep on.

One thing we want to do this month is cheer – for survivors, for battlers, for the wonderful women who left us too early (but not without fighting, or making indelible marks on our hearts), for their families (and ours!) and for the healing power of shared storytelling, which raises awareness and empathy in ways that we can’t even track.

When it comes to profiling Breast Cancer heroines, we have a hard time choosing – you are legion, after all, and we don’t play favorites at Waxing Poetic (which makes selecting a single person for today VERY hard!).

We want to honor EVERYONE! All at once! If only we could make links for ALL your stories! But, that would jam servers and cause all manner of digital problems and probably make Facebook annoyed, so right this second, we’d like to direct your attention to the candid, casually glamorous, sometimes flinty, often-inspiring and really brave survivor blog of Santa Barbara County neighbor, Hollye Jacobs.

Slightly over a year ago, Hollye was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, and in the months that followed, opted to chronicle her fight in a one of our favorite 21st century public/private forums, and in doing so, joined an inspiring, motley squad of complicated, wonderful, contradictory ladies who tell us how they are, and in doing so, make it ok for the rest of us to answer, more honestly, the question of ‘how are you doing?’

Read more about Hollye in her own words at, and feel free to share your own thoughts/feelings/stories and bloglinks with our ever-expanding community in the comments section below.

With love, respect, and gratitude,



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