Bee Brave

Early scetches of the Bee Brave Pendant

Bee Brave.

(inspired by Baroque-ness but also process…bees are also process…) Bees and Baroque…what might they have in common? Hmmm…artistry, intricate elements, an almost compulsive attention to detail, and somehow tying all the output together, a sense of order. Caused by many many tiny actions, and tiny pieces, and tiny particulars. Like anything good, and frequently, like anything unsung. And so we’d like to take the occasion to celebrate a hybrid of the two: a reminder that regardless of scale or size, change happens beautifully, and with great care.

Bee Brave Pendant

Bee Brave Pendant sketches showing details of the intricate design

Change is brave. And lovely. And made from and with many elements—many little buzzing parts, many threads, many origin points, and some unknowns. Interwoven threads of metal made into a stronger, more malleable ribbon ­—a method of storytelling predicated on diversity? Yes. Quite.

Finished Bee Brave Pendant

Finished Bee Brave Pendant

And the glimmering? Oh yes. Look, ‘Baroque Pearls,’ the kind that we’re using here, are known for their singularities. They don’t conform to any one set of standards.

They happen, like all pearls, by accident (an oyster taken off guard, a grain of sand or something, a period of time and BOOM: a pearl) – but this kind of incident is distinct – it doesn't follow a pattern, although they evoke all sorts of sources, like any of us – made from an array of backstories and becauses and utterly, utterly beautiful in our intricacies. Like bees and honey and sweetness and magic. It’s all interrelated.

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