Carrying Dad With Us

A huge thank you to Amber Beckham who was kind enough to share this touching story about how she and her sisters keep the memory of their father close to their hearts by wearing matching Antique Brass Insignia Charms on the Baby Ball Gold Chain Necklaces and allowing us to pass it along to you...

When we were in Florida for our annual trip with my eldest sister's family, Lesli, she, in her most amazing gift giving way, pulled out a present for Briana and I one evening as we sat on the couch. She began to explain that it was "an early Father's Day gift."My heart skipped a beat half in fear and half in excitement thinking that we were celebrating him a month before it was time for that holiday to be here and really, that we were approaching the subject of Father's Day as sisters. It made me happy and sad at the same time.Lesli has an incredible way of finding unique, beautiful, and meaningful gifts. And this time would have to top any others she has pulled out of her hat. We opened small boxes to find an engraved necklace with the letter, "D" on it, for "Dad" and his initials and dates on the back all in gold and silver. It looks like the old fashioned mail seals that you would use to send a letter to someone. But as I write, I think how funny that is...and ironic, that it's a necklace, but it looks like a wax seal. It's like dad is sealed on our hearts as we remember him every day we are alive, not just on Father's Day.What an honor to wear this. I am thinking of dad today in a special way, somewhat sad and contemplative...but I remain nostalgic. I know I can speak for both Briana, Lesli, and our brother Zach that we are carrying dad with us today. Happy Father's Day...We love you, Dad.



Deb Lawson

- July 27, 2010

Amber, So glad you did this about the necklaces. It’s something in writing about them. Can you print it off and keep it with your box or something? (My fear that computer data won’t always be here for the next generation.)

susan griffin

- July 21, 2010

can I order this pendant online with my fathers initials and dates on the back?

Lisa Satchell

- July 21, 2010

Precious. So beautifully written….LOVE the photographs.

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