A Sister Story: The Walker Family

“Receiving a gift of Waxing Poetic is so special because you know that the person who gave it to you really knows your personality.” 


Sisters Ella, Georgie and Tamsyn Walker each share the story of their individual journeys, and the personal style they cultivate through their Waxing Poetic collection. When the Walker sisters aren’t hanging out at their Santa Ynez Valley, California ranch, they are travelling the world, studying abroad, working in the city and getting ready to go off to college. This is a look into the lives of three sisters, with three very different personal styles and three big things in common: their authentic expression of giving, their zeal for life, and their tight loving bond with each other.

Here the Walker sisters collectively create a Mother’s Day story necklace for their Mom. Watch the video to see more, what pieces they choose and why.

Song "We Come And Go" by Jaret Campisi


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