A rare bird indeed, just like you

We love to design. We love the unique, the intentional, the rare. Introducing our new Signature Series. Patti dreams up something special, and we hand craft it in a limited quantity, delivering to you something we hope will be treasured and valued. For Keeps. For Joy!Each Limited Edition Signature Series style is inset with poetry, bears our founder’s signature on the back, and is only available for a short time only, or until our supply is gone. 

“We have been fans of the hummingbird for some time, and chose this magical bird as the first in our Signature Series because it is one of the most beloved and enduring representations of a free and beautiful, yet purposeful (read: Poetic) existence.  The hummingbird reminds us that the sweetest nectar lies within, and that the journey to discovering this self, this energy and knowing, and healing can and should be made with grace and ease. The dream we dare to have is just this: to be present, alive, and conscious in every moment, like this little bird.  To embrace the new beginnings that are the promise of each new day, and to live them fully. ”




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