A peek of Spring, a bit of Luck, and a lot of smiles


A little over halfway through this month, we get all green, giddy and shamrock-y over Good Luck, and St. Patricks Day. And with good cause!

Good Luck.
Give luck.
Have luck.
Wish luck.
Luck of the _________.

We love Ireland, of course! But luck isn’t limited to St. Pats (although it surely is a part of it), or one day in March – Luck, you might be surprised to consider, is a renewable resource. Something we can share, and pass on, if just by sheer stubbornness and will. Luck isn’t generated by the special coin in your pocket, it’s the belief and the story BEHIND that coin, it’s the person who gave it to you (or maybe the person who bumped you in line and caused you to look down and LO: a 1941 steel penny. Wow!). To that end: give some more. At will. And wear some green, or we might pinch you!


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