A note from the heart, from Patti our founder.


I love my job. Over the past years, as I’ve had the opportunity to interact with our many customers, retailers, and employees, I’ve come to realize that Waxing Poetic is not merely a company, but, perhaps, a movement; one that embraces every moment of every day. One that asks us to be thankful for all that we have both individually, and with one another. As a business owner I know that customers are brought into a world in which we have created. They bring their life and poetry to us, and then a magical thing happens, a connection. Waxing Poetic provides a customer with a reflection of their life and a world that lives and breathes long after their purchase. Waxing Poetic, made that significant moment possible. We make and sell jewelry, but behind it, there has always been this intangible “thing.” Perhaps it’s this very connection. Our customers bring their stories, filled with love, recognition, and realizations, and we interpret that life into our art, into Waxing Poetic. This is the place of poetry, and it exists in every moment. Our life’s work tries to come closer to the most soulful expressions of who we are. Our work is our life, and our life is a Poetic one. It is in this authenticity that we find our family: a family of seekers, of people who realize they are on an incredible journey, and who want to celebrate it by living a movement that allows some part of each of our souls to soar. We are thankful that you share your own life’s paths (and poetry) with the larger narrative of Waxing Poetic every day. We need each other like we need air, and there is nothing more beautiful, or poetic.

Wishing you true connections and much abundance, Patti


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