Meet Victoria. Victoria loves a lot of things: Laughing, her yellow lab Jack, her job in the fashion industry, good food, running, her doting husband, Russell and most of all being a new mom to her 6 week old son Dylan. I snapped this photo of Victoria and Dylan at the beach just before his arrival. Her necklace caught my eye, and when I asked to see it up close, she held it so perfectly over her pregnant belly; I had to snap a shot. Months before, Victoria’s husband came to me wanting to commemorate their first Mother’s Day as a family with a piece of Waxing Poetic jewelry. Victoria ADORES waxing poetic. He knew he wanted the piece to say something special but (like most men) he couldn’t figure out what. With some encouragement and a few suggestions, he decided that Dylan’s monogram and “I love you” written in Dutch, to honor Victoria’s heritage, would be the most loving sentiment. It made her first Mother’s day very memorable.

Dylan arrived on a warm afternoon in early July and was quickly swaddled in love and kisses, very strong and making squishy faces. Reminding us how beautiful life is. I love that I was able to capture a tiny moment in time, of my dear friend getting ready to greet her son and feel I privileged that she cherishes this photo because it captures two things she holds precious in life.


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