5 ideas for making your workspace more poetic

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You may be at your desk all day, working the day away and by the time you realize it, you didn’t take one moment for yourself it leaves you feeling less than relaxed. Well, here are 5 ideas to create a poetic workspace for yourself to ease the feelings of your day becoming a time warp.

1. Introduce your favorite scent. Fresh flowers or a favorite candle can clear your mind, soothe and lift your spirits. (We recommend being courteous to fellow co-workers in the space and choosing a light scent that can be enjoyed by many.)

2. Listen to your favorite music while you work. It can help a creativity breakthrough, be a creativity booster / mood enhancer and lets face it- music is fantastic and sometimes it feels really good to get lost in the music, put your head down and get through your workload.

3. Take breaks, Take breaks, Take breaks. The better condition your mind is in, the more productive and patient you will be. Everyone, no matter how busy their day may be, has time to take a few minutes to get fresh air, a sip of water, or meet a friend for coffee mid day. Give yourself the opportunity to take notice of your surroundings and be aware.

4. Write in your journal for a few minutes each day. To say something that is bothering you, to make a list, to write a love note to yourself (or someone else) Keeping in check with your thoughts throughout the day will keep you engaged in the events taking place around you and allow you to feel more relaxed when the day is over, versus carrying all of the weight on your shoulders.

5. Find something to be hopeful and thankful for each day, and remind yourself to take a moment and reflect on your many blessings and gratitude


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