Discovery: a note from our founder, ceo and creative director, Patti

patti-headshotWe move sometimes quite quickly through summer, and then that ripe old guy August (picture him: a warm, wise elder) comes around again, with barely any notice, signaling the end of the season. What to do, dear friend August? We were having so much fun (we wink, dusting the sand off our feet)…

Take stock. The days are still long, and a little planning goes a long way to usher in a new season of possibilities. So, we appraise our resources, and potential. We understand what we have, and envision our future – what we want to live the life we’ve imagined. As a partner, friend, or parent, to give the most we can? This is good work.

The time is now, says dear old August. Take inventory, and fill your heart, mind and life with the things that are missing, the things you love that bring you joy, and the things you simply need more of. A new, wonderful season is upon us, and we are grateful in our preparation! Thank you August , for all your gifts (sand and surf and sun included), and for reminding
us to prepare for our highest potential in the season(s) ahead.

Looking forward with love, Patti




Just a few favorite, inspiring, and beautiful photos from our instagram feed, hash tagged and posted by all of you! Keep posting your beautiful WP finds and all the ways you wear WP, use #waxingpoetic and your photo could make it to the blog!

Submitted by @sherrylyu95 She is feeling blessed and brave with her classic black BEE BRAVE pendant and the all time favorite Camp Charm. Paired with the Twisted with Brass rings necklace is a true Waxing Poetic look.



@lifeasmadyson hashtagged waxing poetic showing off her early birthday present and we L O V E this. What better way to honor yourself on your trip around the sun with an insignia?? Happy Birthday Madyson!



Beloved authorized retailer Studio 77 is creating some gorgeous looks with our new Quatrefoil Insignia, Tag Insignia, Trust Charm and new 28” Ensemble Necklace @shopstudio77 we love you!



@Chritstinerant added the new Transformative Dragonfly charm to her charm collector catcher necklace and it looks divine with her wing and a prayer Tree of Life charm. Christine said she was “feeding her cool jewelry addiction and really loves anything with a dragonfly on it!” WE have to agree.



Our Flagship in Summerland

Did you know our Summerland boutique, is turning 2 years old! (How time flies when you’re having fun.) Located in the charming and locally beloved space that once housed the town’s original post office, Waxing Poetic in Summerland sets the tone for an intimate space that transports you to a coastal boutique in Italy. With a mix of custom woodwork, artifacts, a wall installation of “frescopauged” brand history in the form of a family tree, and Italian marble floors, set in our recognizable rhombus pattern. Large glass doors allow for a gorgeous view of downtown Summerland, with access to our adjoining, cozy deck overlooking the ocean. All who visit looking for a truly special gift in a friendly setting are pleased to take their time, shop and explore every detail.

Waxing Poetic Summerland

Waxing Poetic Summerland

Waxing Poetic Summerland

Share in the festivities with us all weekend and come on by the Summerland boutique where you can get a special gift with purchase, and enter for a chance to win the Transformative Dragonfly pendant. Visit store for details. We can’t wait to celebrate with you!

We can’t wait to celebrate with you!


That’s very Pinteresting…

We constantly peruse Pinterest for inspiration, here are some pins that we love right now, (and if you aren’t already following our WP pinterest boards)…

1. Love this sweet little note.



2. This recipe by @localmilk for Blackberry + Peach Buttermilk Biscuit Cobbler (a la mode, of course!) looks too delicious for words. Her photos are always as breathtaking as her recipes. What a great way to use up the summer’s bounty, to be shared with a gathering of loved ones.



3. One of our favorite designers, Piero Fornasetti. This wallpaper pattern in particular is a favorite. It adorned the walls of our original flagship store in Los Olivos, CA. as well as our showrooms and tradeshow booths.

books wallpaper pattern


Poem of the Month


On Being Human

by CS Lewis


Angelic minds, they say, by simple intelligence 

Behold the Forms of nature. They discern 

Unerringly the Archtypes, all the verities 

Which mortals lack or indirectly learn. 

Transparent in primordial truth, unvarying, 

Pure Earthness and right Stonehood from their clear, 

High eminence are seen; unveiled, the seminal

Huge Principles appear.

The Tree-ness of the tree they know-the meaning of 

Arboreal life, how from earth’s salty lap 

The solar beam uplifts it; all the holiness

Enacted by leaves’ fall and rising sap;

But never an angel knows the knife-edged severance 

Of sun from shadow where the trees begin, 

The blessed cool at every pore caressing us

-An angel has no skin.

They see the Form of Air;but mortals breathing it 

Drink the whole summer down into the breast. 

The lavish pinks, the field new-mown, the ravishing 

Sea-smells, the wood-fire smoke that whispers


The tremor on the rippled pool of memory

That from each smell in widening circles goes, 

The pleasure and the pang –can angels measure it? 

An angel has no nose.

The nourishing of life, (and how it flourishes) 

On death, and why, they utterly know; but not 

The hill-born, earthy spring, the dark cold bilberries.

The ripe peach from the southern wall still hot 

Full-bellied tankards foamy-topped, the delicate 

Half-lyric lamb, a new loaf’s billowy curves, 

Nor porridge, nor the tingling taste of oranges.

—An angel has no nerves.


Far richer they! I know the senses’ witchery

Guards us like air, from heavens too big to see;

Imminent death to man that barb’d sublimity 

And dazzling edge of beauty unsheathed would be. 

Yet here, within this tiny, charmed interior, 

This parlour of the brain, their Maker shares 

With living men some secrets in a privacy 

Forever ours, not theirs.

 Is there an angle charm?