Fun & Fashionable in Women's Health Magazine

Fun & Fashionable in Women's Health Magazine

The December issue of Women’s Health Magazine features actress Michelle Monaghan, best known for her leading role in the blockbuster hit Gone Baby Gone, looking casually chic in Waxing Poetic jewelry.  She pairs the Free Form Wood Bracelet, the Mother of Pearl Bracelet and the Free Form Pearl Bracelet together to create a fun, flirty, bohemian look.Fun & Fashionable in Women's Health MagazineFun & Fashionable in Women's Health MagazineThe editors at Women’s Health Magazine did a phenomenal job creating a classic winter style by embellishing chunky knits and winter grays with our iconic Waxing Poetic Crest Insignia Ring and fierce Waxing Poetic Ex Toto Corde Necklace.




- October 20, 2020

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