What does Waxing Poetic mean?

What does Waxing Poetic mean?


like the moon, we grow full and become

One definition will say that ‘waxing poetic’ means ‘speaking in a flowery or poetical fashion,’ but another focuses more on the individual words and reminds us that ‘waxing’ means ‘to become, to evolve into something else’ (like a waxing moon), and ‘poetic’ means… well, just that, and everything related. To continue to pay attention, as poets do, is to continue to grow… which is to continue to evolve and become who we are truly meant to be. And, because we love double entendres here, our name also pays homage to the lost wax process… the lovely way a shape is temporarily held in wax from which a mold is created, and then gently melted away to leave its permanent mark – the mold – to be filled again and again.


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