THE BRAVE AND TRUE: a dedication to my friend Jen Lippman

Patti and Jen a few months after Jen finished radiation treatment for breast cancer

Patti and Jen a few months after Jen finished radiation treatment for breast cancer

Since I posted about my friend Jen’s breast cancer last October,  a lot of people have asked me how she is doing.  She probably asks herself this as well, having gone through such a transformation on every level… but I’ll speak for her and say that in a word, she is GOOD.   She is through chemo, through a huge operation, through radiation.  And I am happy to report that the cancer that has thrown a wrench into Jen’s life is also THROUGH.  I would say that Jen is “great,” but a superlative isn’t really the right way to express how good she is, and the goodness in her.   Because the reality is that her life has forever changed (and as a result, she touched so many of our lives in so many transformative ways) but she remains as good as she was before this all happened to her.  I am not so sure that is an easy thing, but my courageous, graceful, accepting,  fearless, and beautiful friend has shown me that it is possible.  And there are still some chapters to finish before this story is over, but the turning point is: my friend is alive and well.  She’s good.

To Jen, for being a vulnerable heroine of so many things, especially the heart…

For being a patient and counselor at the same time

For knowing even when things are unclear

For taking the worry away

For saying what needs to be said because time is precious

(and saying it again because I didn’t listen the first time)

For your mothering and friendship

For your pure joy and intelligence

For showing us how to deal

For really understanding what it is all about

I love you.

Bee Brave Pendant in Rose Quartz

For the month of October, we will be donating 20% of the sales from the Rose Quartz Bee Brave Pendant to The Breast Cancer Resource Center of Santa Barbara

To my friend Jen who inspires me in my work and life daily: Waxing Poetic is honored to dedicate our donation to The Breast Cancer Resource Center this month to you.  Stay good, my friend.  You are the bravest, truest heroine I know.




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