An Inside Look at the First Annual WP Retailers & Reps Round Table

Here at Waxing Poetic's HQ, we all design, plot, produce and service our line in various small, overcrowded rooms in our cottage-y offices that are adjacent to our flagship store.  We are all so intently focused on what we do, that sometimes (read: always), it is good to orchestrate events that bring our sales, customer service and creative teams together.  Like...

The First Annual Waxing Poetic Retailers & Reps Round Table. Pictured from left to right:  Lizanne Pagliei Hales from Waxing Poetic; Jessie Justice from Waxing Poetic; Suzanne Garrett from Waxing Poetic; Dorothy Alspaugh from Alspaugh’s Ace Hardware in Kingwood, TX; Randa Crisler from Portico Collection Showroom in Dallas, TX; Vicky Muetterties from Tango Showroom in Atlanta, GA; Donna Singer from Portico Collection Showroom in Dallas, TX; Patti Pagliei Simpson from Waxing Poetic; MaryBeth Greene from Tango Showroom in Atlanta, GA; Stephanie Kheder from Waxing Poetic; Keely Davis from The Paisley Pineapple in Olive Branch, MS; and Alana Trubitz from Waxing Poetic.

Enter: two super-supportive WP showroom managers, two wildly successful WP retailers, and their respective WP rock star (for real) reps.  Yes.  Add: Our own inspired squad.  Mix in: their ideas, our ideas, wine, dinners, laughter, serious business, and fun. We like. And we got: a incredible working vacation in our own small town (us), graced with lots of glorious southern charm (them).  We love.  For three solid days, we presented what we have been working on - displays, modes of operation, possibilities, designs, concepts, danishes.  And they conquered with their great sales and retail acumen, one by one (and at times, all at once).  They spoke, and we listened... and vice versa.  And we all learned.  And we all shared.  And we are all thankful (and looking forward to the next time...).



thanks for this

- May 29, 2012

i love this :-)

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