International Women's Day

Waxing Poetic is a company founded by women and inspired by women, and we’re always on board for International Women’s Day, and to celebrate who we are in the balance equation. In our business, it is an absolute honor to employ and and collaborate with women the world over, especially our beautiful Balinese cohorts, with whom we have been working for almost 20 years.Head over to our Story today to meet some of these soul-sisters and heroines who balance motherhood, artistry, and a dedication to their communities. They join us on the daily in bringing Waxing Poetic pieces to life in a way no one else ever could. Everyone benefits from gender balance -- (not just our girls) and we are HERE. FOR. ALL. OF. IT. Celebrating #InternationalWomen’sDay2019  #BalanceforBetter  #motherswhobalance #creativeswhobalance #bosseswhobalance #beautyinbalance #lovetobalance #IWD19 #internationalwomensday Balance is an ongoing quest. Coffee helps.#waxingpoetic #balanceforbetter Balance is independence. #waxingpoetic #balanceforbetter Balance is having a safe work environment where her co-workers feel like family. #waxingpoetic #balanceforbetter Balance is a steady wage #waxingpoetic #balanceforbetter Balance is having the opportunity to help provide for her family. #waxingpoetic #balanceforbetter Balance is a beautiful thing. #waxingpoetic #balanceforbetter


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