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Initial Charms & Monogram Jewelry

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Initial Charms: Simple, Symbolic and Special

At Waxing Poetic, our stunningly handcrafted letter charms are among our most popular products, and it’s not hard to see why. The simple, single-lettered style makes them exceptionally versatile and meaningful. Use them to honor someone you love or to give your charm bracelets and necklaces a feel that makes them totally you. Just like all of our lovingly crafted jewelry, these monogram charms are enriched with meaning and symbolism, so they’re perfect for helping you illustrate your very own journey, no matter where you’ve been or where you’re going.

Waxing Poetic letter charms have long been cherished by our customers. In fact, the letter charm was the very first charm created by Waxing Poetic back in 2001. Our founders cast it from a wax seal in order to create a very sacred and personalized way to mark emotion — something they believed was much-needed, though somewhat forgotten. That original (though slightly updated) design is still alive and well at Waxing Poetic with the gorgeous Century Insignia Charm. This pretty revival of an old-fashioned classic symbolizes endless growth and change, so it’s ideal for celebrating big milestones and new stages of life.

Charms That Tell a Story

Explore our complete selection of initial charms to find simple, modern and antique-inspired styles that suit your personal vision. All of our charms are crafted from sterling silver and brass, creating an expressively rustic yet precious aesthetic. Each one comes complete with a matching charm clip, so you can easily attach it to your favorite charm bracelet, chain or necklace as soon as it arrives. Complete your purchase with one of our handcrafted chains or charm-ready bracelets to start your Waxing Poetic collection!

The Inspiration Behind Waxing Poetic Initial Charms and Other Jewelry:

Beginning around the 16th century, wax seals were used to securely close letters, both to identify the sender (often done with a signet ring) and to ensure against tampering. It is these traditions — that of the decorative wax seals and the men’s insignia rings — that inspire our line of initial charms, pendants and initial jewelry rings. Custom crafted by highly skilled artisans from sterling silver, brass and creative combinations of both, our initial charms, monogram pendants and monogram rings are highly personal adornments that celebrate the individual.

Waxing Poetic Letter Charms and Pendants

Whether it’s a gift for a family member or a beloved friend, a Waxing Poetic insignia charm is a delightful way to let a person know that they’re special. While we’re often taught to care for other people, self-love is just as vital. Our beautifully designed sterling silver and brass initial charms are smart and sophisticated, whether you choose a more understated design or something more ornate and decorative. We also have monogram silver pendants with brass initials, available with two or three initials and in sans serif or serif lettering.

Handsomely Styled Monogram Rings

Since ancient Greece and Rome, signet rings were worn by officers and world leaders. Their first use was as a means of marking a document that was as trustworthy as a signature to ensure its authenticity. The signet ring then went on to signify status and nobility and were understandably considered to be extremely valuable. Even today, they’re used by certain fraternities and by men of distinction. Our monogram rings continue this noble tradition and are elegantly styled in sterling silver with brass lettering.

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