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Meaningful Charms to Mark Any Occasion
Waxing Poetic jewelry is built upon the foundation that one-of-a-kind keepsake pieces help wearers write their own story and inspire them along the way, and our sentiment pendants and charms do just that. Here you’ll find illustrative, poetically inspired pieces that help you write your own narrative from start to finish. These sentiment-bearing baubles bring cheer and meaning to mark big milestones, personal accomplishments and ongoing journeys.
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Jewelry That Says Something

Everything you wear, from your funky socks to your heirloom earrings, tells a special story about your personal journey. We have charms with meaning for an endless array of emotions and life experiences, all of which make wonderful gifts for the inspirers around you. Shop gorgeously detailed pendants — complete with exquisitely textured sterling silver and brass, luminous Swarovski crystals and uplifting etchings — that send a message of encouragement or love. Say whatever you want with our expressively crafted Word Play charms typeset with meaningful words, like “kindness,” “truth,” “blessed” and “breathe,” all of which make undeniably thoughtful gifts to commemorate an oversized achievement.

Waxing Poetic jewelry is soul-enriching in more ways than one. Our pieces are handmade using partially recycled sterling silver and brass, which have been hewn with time-honored jewelry techniques to ensure quality and longevity. Most of our jewelry is made in Bali, Indonesia by valued silversmiths and crafters, where each and every item is forged and cloaked with love and care. As you’ll see from each Waxing Poetic creation, these pieces are made with an eye for artful detailing and expertly honed skill. Shop our complete selection of gorgeous sentiment jewelry to express yourself in silver and brass.

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