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Religious Jewelry
Faith persists, and even flourishes, under the most difficult circumstances. Crystals form in the earth in response to similar challenges: pressure, heat, tectonic shifting, insufferably long waits, a profound amount of time spent underground and squashed etc. – and yet the result is luminous, dazzling, and lovely.A metaphor for faith? Perhaps. We saw a connection, and wanted to honor it.
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Religious Themed Jewelry – Cross Earring, Charm & Necklace, Faith Cuff, Tree of Life and More

Faith is about having belief in something, even when you cannot always see evidence of that belief. Your faith remains strong because you know in your heart and soul what your faith means to you. That’s all that matters. Enduring faith is represented by strong imagery, and this concept is reflected in all of our religious jewelry.

In this collection, you can find iconic symbols of faith recognized throughout the world. We also offer symbols that support belief in magical experiences. Faith and belief can also be represented by nature, in particular, the Tree of Life. If you enjoy word jewelry, find pieces that feature the word “faith” and similar words that help you express your strong religious convictions.

Amor Fati Cross

Embrace the notion that what happens to you in life, whether it be good, bad or neutral, is all a part of the grand scheme of things with our Amor Fati cross designs. Amor Fati is Latin for “Love of Fate” and the cross is an iconic faith symbol often associated with having faith in weathering life’s ups and downs. Each time you gaze at your cross jewelry or grasp hold of it, you may feel its power and comfort. It’s a constant reminder to stay positive as you navigate your path in life.

Unique Cross Jewelry

Looking for a selection of unique crosses to wear? There’s plenty more to see. Choosing a cross is a very personal experience and we’ve created different designs that appeal to your boho sensibilities. Find cross jewelry designs you can feel comfortable wearing with your other jewelry and with a variety of fashion looks.

Words, Trees and Mythical Expressions

Religious jewelry can take many forms and some of our designs feature the Tree of Life, a natural symbol that can be enjoyed by anyone. You can also find jewelry that fits within the mythical or supernatural realm of belief.

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