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Starter Series
Exceptional alone, but better together.
With one-of-a-kind charms and pendants, you can build a meaningfully curated charm bracelet or necklace that tells your narrative. If you’ve never purchased a Waxing Poetic piece, the Starter Series is the perfect introductory avenue. Pieces include both the foundation of your look as well as a soul-enriching or sentiment-bearing charm that suits you.
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Waxing Poetic Jewelry: Celebrate the Journey

Waxing Poetic crafts hand-created statement jewelry that’s made for stacking, grouping, layering and pairing. Every set of starter jewelry from this collection is meant to help honor your own personal journey. Whether you’re looking for promise necklaces to show love and commitment or want a wearable keepsake that commemorates every big milestone, these pieces are a wonderful place to start. Each set comes with a foundational component — such as a necklace chain, choker, bracelet or bangle - as well as a single statement adornment that features some special symbolism, wording or design that moves you.

Adding on with Every Memorable Moment

We want to go on every journey with you, good and bad, so we’ve dreamed up an array of special charms and pendants that you can use to mark each and every one of life’s memorable moments. Start your one-of-a-kind charm necklace or bracelet now and you’ll soon have a piece of artwork that reflects your entire voyage in life. With thousands of unique combinations, yours won’t look like anyone else’s. These treasures also make covetable gifts that any recipient would adore and can be built upon for years to come. All Waxing Poetic pieces are made from high-quality sterling silver and brass and produced by hand for a truly inimitable piece of art.

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