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Heart Jewelry
The most powerful and enduring symbol of love, the heart represents all of our most fundamental emotions: love, affection, friendship, passion and compassion. Explore our exceptionally handcrafted heart necklace charms to find a meaningful way to wear your heart near your heart. Our thoughtful designers have combined the heart with an assortment of other remarkable symbols, such as crosses and arrows, to help you tell your own unique story through jewelry.
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Find unique heart jewelry to wear for any occasion at Waxing Poetic. We offer well-crafted heart charms for necklaces, double heart pendants and more.

The heart is the international symbol for love, and it represents the emotions and emotional bond we often feel. At Waxing Poetic, we love presenting you with heart charms, pendants, earrings and necklaces made by artisans who put their heart and soul into each design.

Browse our selection of heart necklace charms to find those special pieces that help you express love in your own unique way. It may be love for a child, a significant other, a parent or a pet. Or, select hearts to wear when you’re in a romantic mood or when you want to express self-love. Our heart jewelry pieces make wonderful gifts for Valentine’s Day, Christmas, anniversaries, birthdays and graduation.

Single Hearts

All it takes is a single heart to communicate the power of love. This heart may be the focus of the piece, drawing your eye to look directly at it. Sometimes it gleams of silver or brass and sometimes the heart takes on a more muted appearance. All styles can be powerful. The heart may be embellished by other imagery, and there may be a loving word or phrase added for an extra dose of heartfelt sentiment. One heart. One love.

Double Hearts & More

Double heart pendants can represent a couple in love or a close friendship, making it one of those jewelry pieces that expresses togetherness. Artistically designed double hearts are usually side-by-side and the hearts may be identical or similar with a distinctive difference.

When you want jewelry that’s just bursting with hearts, look for charms featuring a bundle of hearts. A bundle may be three hearts, four hearts or even five hearts!

Open Hearts

The open-heart design is one that presents a heart shape with open space in the middle. Open hearts can represent being open to all of the possibilities of love. It can also be a fashionable way to express the concept of love. Earrings in this style are quite popular, and you can find open heart pendants and necklaces to wear as symbols of connectedness or passion.

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