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Expertly designed and handcrafted, our Waxing Poetic earrings are made from the finest materials, such as sterling silver, brass, bronze and silver/brass combinations. We offer many distinct styles, such as brass hoops, circles and halos; brass, sterling silver and Swarovski crystal teardrops; dangle cross earrings (sterling silver, brass and crystals); honeycombs; ellipticals; handkerchief drops and much more. Mark a moment, a wish, or express inner joy with our earrings and wear it with style.

Waxing Poetic Freeform and Open Up Earrings

These are not your standard hoops! Our freeform earrings, available in sterling silver or brass in different sizes, are bold, stylish and ready to make a lasting impression. Our Open Up earrings are a bit like hoop earrings that have been magically transformed into diamonds and clovers. They’re very light and playful, with a hammered finish and sterling silver French wire hooks.

Dangle and Teardrop Designs

Elegant and feminine, our teardrop and dangle earrings come in many personalities, from flat brass discs in silver teardrop frames to glittering Swarovski crystal teardrops and crosses. We have dangle earrings in various metal and crystal combinations and warm brass sculptured honeycombs with a sprinkling of crystals. You’ll discover earrings that are bursting with joy and frivolity, such as gypsy style and feathers, as well as stately orb earrings with Swarovski crystal pearls.

Match Our Earrings for Complete Jewelry Sets!

Many of our earring designs have sisters elsewhere in our jewelry collection, such as necklaces, pendants or bracelets. You’ll see them pictured with their relations. Purchase them separately or as a set for coordinated adornments that will heighten your senses and make your wardrobe truly sparkle.

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