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Archeologists have traced the wearing of bracelets to ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt and China. The earliest metals used were bronze and copper, with artisans discovering silver and gold after the Bronze Age. A Waxing Poetic bracelet brings forth the spirit of our distant ancestors and continues the great bracelet-wearing tradition, with bracelets and charms that tell stories and hold special meaning for each unique individual. Most of our bracelets are designed to fit our charms and pendants, either by simply sliding on, or with a charm clip.

The Traditional Wearing of Bangles and Cuffs

We offer many styles of brass, white bronze and sterling silver bangles, from simple brass or sterling silver bangles that can hold your favorite charms to elegant brass bangles lined with luscious Swarovski crystals. Bangle bracelets are traditionally an essential accessory to this day for brides in India, and bangles have been found in ancient Roman, Indian and Mayan ruins. Bracelets that are closed by a hinge or by form are considered bangles.

Cuff bracelets, which often have a large opening so that can be easily slipped on, were worn in ancient Egypt and Asia. You’ll discover cuffs in white bronze and Swarovski crystals, antique and honeycomb brass cuffs, rugged sterling silver cuffs and artistically blended brass and silver cuffs in a myriad of unique designs.

Stunning Bracelets – With or Without Charms!

We offer many kinds of bracelets, both understated and bold. Some styles can be worn alone or transformed to accept charms, with the addition of our signature Charm Clips. Choose from polished sterling silver chains, hand-woven wirework, brass rolo bracelets, leather bracelets, brass and sterling silver fusions and creative combinations of metals and crystals or glass beads.

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