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Birthstone Charms
There’s one Tiny Light for each month of the year. Let it represent your birth month, or favorite color or stone. Meant to brighten any look or mood.
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Birthstone Jewelry Charms Collection – Birthstone Charms for Necklace or Earrings

Birthstone jewelry signifies the month of your arrival and we offer a distinctive selection of birthstone charms for your celebratory collection. Each month features a beautiful, gleaming gemstone in a distinctive color. The design we offer may vary from time to time but they are always a delight to gaze at. Birthstone charms can be for a necklace, choker or bracelet and you can even place more than one color on a jewelry chain, if desired.

Select a birthstone or birthstones to wear with one of our jewelry chains or necklaces. Gemstones are an easy way to add a pop of color to your accessorized look.

Embrace Your Birth Month

Give yourself a special gift to celebrate another year by selecting a birthstone charm and making your own unique jewelry. Perhaps, you already have a favorite Waxing Poetic chain in mind. Or, you can browse our site for chain and necklace ideas. Either way, your birthstone is a fun piece of jewelry to wear during the entire birth month, or on your birthday.

Here are the birthstones we offer by month, gem and meaning:

January (Red Garnet, Protection); February (Amethyst, Wisdom); March (Simulated Aquamarine, Serenity); April (Crystal Quartz, Strength); May (Simulated Emerald, Hope); June (Mother of Pearl, Love); July (Simulated Ruby, Vitality); August (Peridot, Beauty); September (Simulated Sapphire, Truth); October (Simulated Tourmaline, Healing); November (Golden Topaz, Joy); December (Blue Topaz, Friendship)

Create a Birthstone Gift

Consider creating a special birthstone necklace for Mother’s Day or another special occasion. Birthstone jewelry gifts are treasured because they are very personal to the recipient. You can easily create a memorable keepsake gift for a mom, grandmother, aunt, sister, cousin, godmother or good friend with Waxing Poetic birthstone charms. Your gift is even more appreciated when your jewelry piece includes a birthstone charm that represents each child.

Enjoy an Uplifting Color

If you find yourself admiring birthstone colors outside of your birth gemstone, by all means indulge in selecting any of your favorites. There are no rules for wearing these brilliant colors and each one can be a joy to wear year-round.

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