Our Waxing Poetic collections are thoughtful suites of our most beloved jewelry. We offer complete collections of similarly styled pieces for those who wish to wear coordinating jewelry. You’ll also discover collections of symbols with special meaning and significance. Our themed collections pinpoint the inspiration that informs these artistic creations. Focused intention is a powerful thing!

Complete Waxing Poetic Collections

For perfectly coordinated jewelry ensembles, choose from our complete collections. Amor Fati (Latin for Love of Fate) is about embracing the often surprising process of life without fear. This stunning collection of brass, sterling silver and Kristal crystal earrings, charms and pendants features stately crosses that are rich with meaning. Our Honey Love honeycomb ensemble — pendant, cuff, necklace, earrings and ring — feature artistic depictions of the hard-working honey bee and its hive. The bee’s hive is a potent metaphor for hard work, determination and a collective vision. Bird feathers are considered sacred in the Native American tradition, and we pay homage to them with our delicate and superbly detailed Light as a Feather collection. The In Time collection celebrates the mystery of time and its swift passage in our lives, with artistic renderings of a bird in flight and Roman numerals, for a distinctly antique look. Other complete collections include our Starter Series and Kristal Collection (with dazzling Kristal crystals).

Symbols to Signify

The Waxing Poetic Symbols to Signify collections comprise jewelry suites that possess deep meaning and symbolism. From our restorative Touchstone Pendants and archetypal Tree of Life jewelry to our Birthstone jewelry collection and Personal Vocabulary ensemble, these groupings of our jewelry speak to one’s inner spirit, personal milestones, secret yearnings and other elements of life that define the self.

Our Themed Collections

We are deeply moved by the strong emotions and driving forces that are shared among all of Earth’s inhabitants. This is what inspires us to create our jewelry designs. In our Themed Collections, you’ll get a glimpse into our creative process with our jewelry ensembles grouped by theme. The Power of Love and Who We Love honors one of life’s strongest emotions, while Beauty of the Natural World celebrates all the wonders of nature. Universe: We Are Connected recognizes how we are all in this together. Words That Matter focuses on what may be thought of as personal mantras or affirmations — those words that inspire us and propel us toward our greatest potential. Browse our themed collections to see what attracts and inspires you!


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