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At the end of my life when I ask one final “what have I done,”  let my answer be “I have done love.” 

This is the final realization Jen Pastiloff gives us in her brave and vulnerable memoir, On Being Human.  The road is messy, the hurts are real, yet through it all, Jen finds her way back to the light, giving all of us hope through quieting down what holds us back, and listening to, and understanding, ourselves and each other.

Jen ends her book with this simple question, 

So I ask you, now what?

 Tuck this talisman it into Jen’s book (or another), and keep it close by: a reminder of love as action, and of action as Life. It is never too late to rise up, transform and “do love.” 

Brass & Microsuede 3 ½” x ½”


50% of profits of On Being Human bookmark will be donated to Jen’s On Being Human 2020 fund, which provides grocery gift cards to families and individuals in need as a result of the Covid-19 crisis. 


For more information, or to donate directly to the fund, please visit


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