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I’m Patti Pagliei, the founder and designer of the jewelry and lifestyle brand Waxing Poetic. In 20+ years, my work has touched countless souls who wish to celebrate a life of connection, curiosity, delight, and reverence. I’m a mom, breast cancer survivor, and advocate for empowered and expressed living.

John Simpson is my husband, partner and co-creator in life. He’s a visionary entrepreneur, the co-CEO of Waxing Poetic and runs our experiential boutique The Shopkeepers.  An outdoor enthusiast and nature lover, John encourages our family’s ongoing wonder-filled adventures. He is also the lead singer and plays harmonica (and sometimes guitar) in The Doublewide Kings band.

Our life together has been charged with vibrant wonder through several tumultuous health, home, business, and life challenges that shook us out of a more conditioned and constrained construct of living. It was when we were forced to reexamine our perceived boundaries that we uncovered the seeds of our new book, The Way of Wonder (coming in September 2023), which we consider–– along with our family and our zest for life–– one of our greatest accomplishments. We currently live in Santa Barbara, California with our daughter Lulu.

Over the years at Waxing Poetic, we've been graced with a loyal following and hundreds of thousands of subscribers— down-to-earth, accomplished folks, esteemed writers, creators, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and all-around amazing humans–– who find joy and connection in our inspirations, creations, poetry, stories, and wonder-seeking lifestyle.

In Here Today, we will write, speak and share everything we know about how to move beyond struggles, find connection, and create an exalted, fulfilling life. This is what we’re here for, and we hope you’ll join us!


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Here today. With thanks. With you,

John + Patti


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