We love beauty, adventure, risk, and return. And joy.

When these things become tangible… we have to pass them on. Waxing Poetic puts our hearts into this practice by making jewelry, housewares, and generally splendid things. Sometimes we succeed, and when we do, we share.


Waxing Poetic jewelry, charms, objects, candles, housewares, and general amusements come to you from Carpinteria, California, by way of designer Patti Pagliei Simpson, her intimate coterie of friends and family (sisters in particular): like-minded artists, dreamers, adventurers, and raconteurs. We make things we love, and hope you like them too.

We believe that faith, risk, hope, and joy are inextricably bound, and never mutually exclusive. Adventure and routine are strange, and sometimes lovely, cousins. There is a way to write the lines in between all of us, and in our own small way, we want to make links. If we can make things to share, to pass in between, we can do more than we ever hoped – and then some.

Our jewelry is fabricated by an incredible batch of Balinese craftspersons, truly part of our extended ‘family’. These incredible people devote themselves and their lives to beauty, both in action and intent. Somehow we were blessed to have them join forces with us. Our Bali artisans are paid several times more than minimum wage, and treated with respect, dignity, and most importantly, gratitude. We work closely with the Bali wing of the WP family in both refining our designs, and in building aesthetic sensibility based not only on concept, but also on construction, and shared content.

Waxing Poetic believes in community–not just ours, but the overall global adventure version of community. We want to be fair, to be good, and to be grateful. We do our best, but know we can always do better. Much of that better, really and truly, is thanks to you.


Waxing Poetic celebrates the potential for transformation in all of us. Our jewelry pays homage to the journey of our lives: where we come from, what our stories are, and how they have influenced both the world and us.


Celebrate the Journey

We believe in adventure
And possibilities
In great loves and in small (or large) miracles
In wonder and discovery
And in finding those things
Closer than we expected & often
(To our delight and amazement)
Within one another and ourselves

We believe in quests of greatly varying scale
In true heroines and heroes
In honoring our origins as much as finding
(and sometimes writing) our own ways
In paying attention to particular details
& keeping open eyes for the ones we do not recognize yet
as beautiful (but we will)

We believe in leaving markers
In making meaning
In sharing coded messages
In entrusting one another with our hearts
And collaborating on our courses
Through life and everything therein

In being brave enough
to take risks
to ask forgiveness
and to remember to laugh
to ask to help
to love abundantly and often
to be gentle and just
and in all of this to
Celebrate the Journey


WAXING POETIC came into being, as one might expect, by assembly, experiment, love, tradition, and chance. And sisters. Specifically, Patti and Lizanne. But first, some backstory… Patti was the arty one in Joe and Rita Pagliei’s brood of four wonderful children: a beauty, a beloved son, a slightly risky and sometimes impulsive artist (guess who?), and a brilliant, holds-it-altogether voice of reason (Lizanne).

Raised by savers (both in the figurative and literal sense) and perpetual storytellers, Patti and Lizanne share a reverence for intimate narratives, invented traditions, saints of all sorts, and the alchemy that happens when these fuse with devotion, wonder, love, and invention. In 2002, in tandem with a variety of other projects, they decided to take a risk, collect some friends, pray, and make a go of it. Waxing Poetic is the ever-evolving result of that process.

Thank you for coming along for the ride.