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Winged Victories
Inspired by the beauty, spirit and grace of honey bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, birds, dragonflies and other winged wonders, we bring you the Winged Victories jewelry collection of charms, pendants, and rings.
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Winged Victories Jewelry Collection – Butterfly Jewelry, Bee Jewelry, Bird and Dragonfly Jewelry

Connect with the spirit of winged birds and insects that inspire wistful dreams, creative ideas and serene contemplation. We pay homage to our favorites by re-creating their images in jewelry form. Each design has its own dynamic beauty and the wings are faithfully reproduced in a way that makes you feel like soaring.

Select an artisan winged charm to add to a favorite necklace or choose one of our charming winged necklaces or bracelets. These pieces represent the wonders of nature and they also have an uplifting energy that is oh so delightful.

Bountiful Bees

Bees are the master pollinators of the world and now you can support their survival by choosing any of our Bee Brave bee jewelry designs. The curved wings of the bee are in harmony with its voluptuous torso. Known for their work in creating sturdy honeycomb structures, the bee is also a symbol of enduring bravery. It’s the ideal charm to wear for keeping your chin up during challenging events. It can also be a happy charm to wear for spring and summer. Choose a bee charm featuring words or one of our other bee designs.

Beautiful Butterflies

Butterflies are the ultimate symbol of winged beauty and we offer a variety of butterfly jewelry designs for your collection. The butterfly’s wings are its crowning glory and our artisans have done a great job of depicting this winged magnificence. Jewelry butterflies by Waxing Poetic are enhanced with decorative enlightenment for positive energy. Some designs offer an abstract rendition of the butterfly, and the wings are quite prominent.

Birds and Dragonflies

Out of all the birds in the world, we’ve selected the hummingbird for our winged collection because of its uniqueness. This beautiful bird may be small in comparison to other birds, but its wings are very powerful. In fact, hummingbird wing speed averages 49 mph. Now, that’s fast!

The large, expansive, yet delicate, wings of the dragonfly make it a wonderful winged jewelry piece. Those wings combined with a very thin body can add distinctive natural flair to your fashion look.

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