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Tree of Life Jewelry Collection
Marking the many ways we feel connected to family and to each other, the Tree of Life charms, pendants and rings hold meaning recognized across the globe. Trees are sacred and telling: all the mysteries of the universe contained within… birth, life, death… care and compassion… knowledge and growth. A perfect gift for you or someone you love.
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All Tree of Life Jewelry – Life Tree Jewelry Charms, Pendants, Necklaces and Bangles

What is the meaning of the Tree of Life jewelry?

That’s a great question. Tree of Life jewelry by Waxing Poetic can have several symbolic meanings, which is why it’s so popular. Throughout the world, the tree has been a meaningful life force symbol for centuries. It is instantly recognizable and helps to create a sense of connection with the natural environment and all living things on earth.

Select a Tree of Life charm or medallion to create your own bracelet, earrings or necklace. Or, select one of our life affirming Tree of Life necklace or bangle designs.

Connection: Ties that Bind

The tree gains nourishment from the earth’s soil and from the sun’s rays, representing the connectedness between the earth and the sky. Placed within a circle, which also symbolizes inclusive connectivity, this symbol can be worn as a way to acknowledge your connection to all living things, or those things you hold dear. The Tree of Life may also remind you of how connected you are to your family and friends.

Personal Growth

Like a tree grows from its roots towards the sky, you too can enjoy boundless personal growth. And, that growth can take many forms. It can take hundreds of years for a tree to grow to its peak height. Growth continues on long after maturity, just like your personal growth. The cycle of growth is always in process. Choose a Tree of Life pendant to represent a goal you have achieved.

Renewal and Strength

Trees change every season, a phenomenon you can witness by watching leaves grow and mature. During the fall season, leaves turn color and drop from branches. Spring brings renewal with fresh greenery and the cycle begins anew. Strength is represented by the tree’s sturdiness. Each time you wear a Tree of Life necklace, or other jewelry piece, you channel the energies of renewal and strength.

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