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Gemstone Jewelry
Brighten your poetic style with a pop of color! Scintillate your senses with Waxing Poetic gemstone accented charms, pendants, rings, bracelets, necklaces and more.
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Gemstone Jewelry Collection – Birthstone Charms, Assorted Gemstone Rings, Necklaces, Bracelets and Pendants

Personify your personal style by adding Waxing Poetic gemstone jewelry pieces to your jewelry collection. Colorful gemstones can elevate your look by infusing it with color, depth and textural highlights. Gemstones also have their own unique energies and their visual beauty is always a pleasure to gaze upon.

Browse our gemstone jewelry collection to find brilliant gemstone charms, charismatic pendants, tantalizing talismans, boho rings, must-have necklaces and other items that blend nicely with poetic style jewelry.

Captivating Boho Designs

We know how much you love our boho style jewelry and these gemstone pieces are every bit as boho as our other jewelry. We create boho jewelry that provides consistent quality, while giving you plenty of that scintillating boho look you love. Each piece has its own uniqueness and our gemstone offerings have just the right vibe for creative versatility.

While we don’t presume to define your unique style, our jewelry does add an undeniable captivating element to your accessorizing choices. If you’re someone who enjoys wearing certain colors, gemstone pieces can easily be added, without compromising your core style principles.

Many Ways to Wear Gemstones

You can use any of these standout boho gemstone designs to accessorize your favorite outfits in numerous ways. For instance, a turquoise necklace instantly evokes southwestern or Native American style. Its earthiness allows you to pair it with pendants and charms that appeal to your personal sense of self-expression. Pearl necklaces can be casual or dressy, depending on how you choose to wear them. Unique gemstone pendants are fun to wear, supremely expressive and conversation starters. On days when you want to wear a ring, reach for a gemstone ring that helps you convey your mood.


Birthstones are gemstones that correlate to every month of the calendar year. At Waxing Poetic, you can find birthstone charms bursting with colorful brilliance. We make it simple to find your birthstone, or a birthstone for another person. Wear one birthstone charm on a necklace to represent yourself, two to represent you and a significant other or several to represent a group of children or siblings.

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