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Mixed Metal Jewelry
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Showcase Your Style with Mixed Metal Jewelry

Strong sterling silver, vibrant gold, earthy bronze and classic brass: which one honors your personality? If you’re like most people, the answer is probably a mix of two, three or maybe even all four. We’re all strong and enduring like gold or silver but earthy and easygoing like bronze or brass. If this represents you, then you’ll love a mixed metal necklace, bracelet, ring or charm from Waxing Poetic. Shop our two-tone bracelets, rings and necklaces or stick to a piece of silver and gold jewelry in a classic monochrome hue.

Mixed metal means juxtaposing drastically different colors and textures so they create a beautiful, cohesive design together yet stand apart like never before. It might mean taking classic bronze and styling it right alongside Swarovski crystals or pairing sterling silver components with gold plating ones on a single piece of two-tone jewelry. However, our mixed metal jewelry isn’t always two colors. In fact, we use gold plated sterling silver to create that traditional all-over gold finish we all love and adore. The strong sterling silver base helps make it durable and enduring for the long-run.

Mixed Metal Pieces for Every Personality

Each and every piece of Waxing Poetic jewelry is a genuine one-of-a-kind, having been crafted by hand using age-old jewelry-making techniques in Bali, Indonesia. Another thing that makes our pieces of wearable artwork so special is that many pieces in the line include inspiring messages. Whether through a meaningful mantra like “FLY LIGHTLY” or a sentiment like “FAITH” or through subtle symbols like the Tree of Life, these pieces are made to help you carry what matters the most to you wherever you go.

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