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Inner Compass Jewelry
Let your sparkling-self shine with these wearable reminders of your inner wisdom and directional strengths.
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Inner Compass Jewelry Collection – Inner Compass Charm Pendant, Earrings, Signet Ring Designs

Follow your desires and dreams by tapping into your inner compass with these enlightening jewelry designs by Waxing Poetic. It’s all about recognizing that when you become quiet and listen to your inner voice, it can lead you to a place where you can fulfill your destiny.

Your inner compass also shines a light on your deepest desires and reveals the wisdom that you’ve learned throughout your journey. Each time you wear a stunning Inner Compass pendant, ring, necklace or pair of earrings, you can think about all of the wisdom and strength you already possess. Go forth with confidence and prosper.

Captivating Celestial Designs

Celestial imagery and symbols have always been popular with dreamers and creative thinkers. The universe is vast and there are many mysteries to ponder as you gaze up at the moon, sun, stars and distant planets that populate the Earth’s celestial environment.

Our Inner Compass jewelry designs are inspired by twinkling celestial stars and the boundless energies traveling through space and time. This imagery helps you feel serenely focused, while stirring dreamy thoughts of what may be in the future.

You may also feel drawn to celestial jewelry because you’re a big fan of anything having to do with outer space. Either way, these designs add another dimension to your jewelry collection.

Solid Inner Compass

Our solid Inner Compass jewelry offers a minimalistic metallic design with an intriguing space theme. Being that it is made of solid sterling silver and brass, you can enjoy wearing these pieces individually, as a matching set or in combination with complementary themed jewelry.

Sparkling Inner Compass

Go for a bolder celestial look with our sparkling Inner Compass jewelry. These pieces feature glittering blue Swarovski crystals, replicating deep space. They are accentuated with either a bright metal star or metal border. These are statement jewelry pieces that may represent the quest for knowing oneself, heaven or the wonders of the universe.

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