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Influencer Earrings
Inspired by insta-culture and cast in Sterling Silver, THE INFLUENCERS feature a weight-balancing post design with a hanging, stylized charm clip… just waiting for your curatorial bias to boss it all up.
1. Choose silver or brass
2. Clip on charm, pendant (or several)
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Influencer Earrings Collection – Silver or Brass Post Earrings – Choice of Unique Charms or Pendants

Represent your influential style choices by choosing to create your own unique jewelry look with Influencer earrings. When you’re an influence, you create the style that others wish to emulate. However, you need the right kind of jewelry pieces to make it all happen. That’s exactly what we help you do with our creative earring starters and accessories.

You become the curator of your designs and we are happy to provide high-quality jewelry pieces that help you make a personal statement. Creating your Influencer earrings is a simple two-step process. Of course, you can repeat this creation process as many times as you wish. Self-designed earrings are fund to make, and more fun to wear.

Start with Silver or Brass

Ready to get started? Good. We offer one earring style as a base for your design. This earring style comes in two colors: sterling silver and sterling silver and brass, which both have shiny surfaces. They are post style earrings with two jewelry links — a small ring connects to a larger stylized ring.

Select a Charm or Pendant

Okay. Here’s where the fun begins. For step two, you can select any of the pendants you see on this page to create earrings that have your creative imprint. What you see here are suggestions for creating a wide range of unique looks. You can also choose charms and pendants found in our other collections. Add one pendant, two pendants, a charm and a pendant, two charms and a pendant, and so on. The combinations you can create are endless. Others may copy your earring style, but you can always keep innovating to come up with fresh looks.

Ready-Made Designs

We decided to create some inspired influencer looks for no-hassle accessorizing. Each ready-made design offers plenty of “wow” factor, and they may also give you some great ideas for creative combinations. Find ready-made influencer earrings that are quirky, lively, captivating and refreshingly unique.

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