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For Friends
For keeping me grounded (and lifting me up) Thank you, for being you.
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Friends & Sisters Jewelry: Pieces That Bond

No matter if you’re sisters by birth or sisters by choice, gifts and jewelry from Waxing Poetic help you let her know you’ve got her back. These hand-created charms, pendants, necklaces and bracelets were all dreamed up by creative and skilled women with sisters of their own. Each one is finished with wording or iconography that helps you capture a meaningful and specific sentiment, whether it be hope, unity, patience, gratitude, faith or pure love. Regardless of which story you choose, you know she’ll hold it dear, because you gave it to her!

Jewelry for Sisters by Birth and Choice

Explore Waxing Poetic’s huge selection of sisters’ jewelry, jewelry for friends, and gifts to find a piece to mark any extra-special occasion, from birthdays to Siblings Day (April 10) or National Sisters Day (the first Sunday in August). With a wide range of universally adored symbols and special styles that can help illustrate your inside jokes and unique memories, Waxing Poetic is happy to help you pay tribute to your closest, oldest friend. These pieces are all crafted by hand using partially recycled sterling silver and brass, and Waxing Poetic is a family business, owned and operated by women.

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