THE BRAVE AND TRUE: a dedication to my friend Jen Lippman

Patti and Jen a few months after Jen finished radiation treatment for breast cancer

Patti and Jen a few months after Jen finished radiation treatment for breast cancer

Since I posted about my friend Jen’s breast cancer last October,  a lot of people have asked me how she is doing.  She probably asks herself this as well, having gone through such a transformation on every level… but I’ll speak for her and say that in a word, she is GOOD.   She is through chemo, through a huge operation, through radiation.  And I am happy to report that the cancer that has thrown a wrench into Jen’s life is also THROUGH.  I would say that Jen is “great,” but a superlative isn’t really the right way to express how good she is, and the goodness in her.   Because the reality is that her life has forever changed (and as a result, she touched so many of our lives in so many transformative ways) but she remains as good as she was before this all happened to her.  I am not so sure that is an easy thing, but my courageous, graceful, accepting,  fearless, and beautiful friend has shown me that it is possible.  And there are still some chapters to finish before this story is over, but the turning point is: my friend is alive and well.  She’s good.

To Jen, for being a vulnerable heroine of so many things, especially the heart…

For being a patient and counselor at the same time

For knowing even when things are unclear

For taking the worry away

For saying what needs to be said because time is precious

(and saying it again because I didn’t listen the first time)

For your mothering and friendship

For your pure joy and intelligence

For showing us how to deal

For really understanding what it is all about

I love you.

Bee Brave Pendant in Rose Quartz

For the month of October, we will be donating 20% of the sales from the Rose Quartz Bee Brave Pendant to The Breast Cancer Resource Center of Santa Barbara

To my friend Jen who inspires me in my work and life daily: Waxing Poetic is honored to dedicate our donation to The Breast Cancer Resource Center this month to you.  Stay good, my friend.  You are the bravest, truest heroine I know.



Working with my Sister: in a word, Magic.

“My name is Chris Cornell, and I’m here to induct my hometown heroes, Heart.” That’s how the Soundgarden front man started his Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame induction speech (televised this past weekend).

Cornell continued by saying, “Let us now praise sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson.” before mentioning the rest of the original band. “Together these people made magic.”

Dreamboat Annie Cover (1976)

Dreamboat Annie Cover (1976)

Yes they did. And still do, after over 30 years of playing together - and even after breaking up for a while.

Upon seeing the sisters (who also happen to be mothers) accept their award and rock out together, I was reminded:
a) how special it is to even HAVE a sister
b) how lucky we are to work together, and how meaningful our professional journey has been
c) how I can never take that for granted

Ann and Nancy could have made music with anyone I suppose, but they would not have made Heart. The fact that they are sisters brings an intangible synergy that makes the music that much better.

Heart. It truly is magic.

Photo of Patti and Lizanne as young girls

Photo of Patti and Lizanne as girls

We are born to our parents, and may have spouses, but it has been said that the people with whom we really share life’s journey are our brothers and sisters. Working with Lizanne has given me the opportunity to deepen my bond to her. Sometimes, our work relationship is so easy, I can’t believe it. And sometimes, it is so challenging, I want to retreat.

But it is always my sister that I come back to. She is a rock, a guiding light, a force of nature, a confidant, a protector, a mother. And as we work together, side-by-side, and come together to make decisions from our individual perspectives, our business grows, and we move deeper and deeper into sisterhood. At the end of the day, I think “How wondrous it is to be doing something remarkable with my sister. How magical.”

There are many phenomena in business, but this one has held true for Waxing Poetic:  whenever we consider each other, our business benefits. We, the sisters, should always drive that point home… this true core of our business: our connectedness. When we are operating from a place of family, of love, of togetherness, we move mountains. When there is mutual trust, respect and love, and a shared vision, great things happen.

I am inextricably bound to my sister. And maybe that is the greatest lesson that working with her has given me: it is GOOD to be bound by love, all of us, even if it sometimes challenges us. We can’t deny it, we can’t walk away. Unconditional love. It makes us look in the mirror, summon up what we got, and rise to the occasion. And somehow, one of the things that makes the magic in the end.

Here with some real heart: Heart performing Crazy on You at the 2013 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame awards.

Thanks to my sister Lizanne, and all the sisters out there that inspire and bring heart to what they do.



Custom Wine Bottle for St. Mark's

We were asked by our dear friend Polly Firestone Walker to design the label for a special cuvee as part of a fundraising event for St. Mark’s-In-The-Valley Episcopal Church in Los Olivos. St. Mark’s is our neighbor, and we love to support them whenever we have the opportunity, so we jumped at the chance to design the bottle art. Our designer Stephanie Kheder designed the label, featuring her hand illustrated St. Mark’s lion etched into the glass. What a fun project, and all for a good cause. For this year's event, as well as offering some unbelievable bottles of wine for auction (1945 Chateau Calon-Segur, a 1949 Chateau Lafite-Rothschild, and a 1947 Chateau Cheval Blanc are just three of them that pop to mind) Brooks Firestone decided to create a one-of-a-kind 18l bottle of Santa Ynez Valley Syrah, blended from some local producers (Doug Margerum, Jorian Hill, Curtis Winery and Clos Pepe among others). When the idea was raised to have an etched label, Polly immediately thought of Patti and Stephanie and all the amazing artists of Waxing Poetic. As well as serving its parishioners, St. Mark's also provides a space for various groups like the Jewish Community, the Foodbank of Santa Barbara, AA, the Valley Community Theater, Pacific Pride Foundation, Toastmasters, and the Los Olivos Rotary to name a few. St. Mark's is also home to a thriving Pre-School.

Bridal Shoot with Jose Villa

We had the pleasure of working with immensely talented photographer Jose Villa as well as Jill La Fleur of La Fleur Weddings recently, for a special bridal shoot.

The location was at the Ojai Valley Inn & Spa and the wedding gown was designed by Claire La Faye. Waxing Poetic was the perfect accompaniment. It was such a wonderful experience and we can't wait to do it again sometime soon. Enjoy the photos and check out our pieces from the shoot!

Rosary Lariat with freshwater pearls, silver plate, and crystal drop

Spinner Cross Ring with sterling silver and brass

Free Form Pearl Wrap Necklace with sterling silver, gold plate, and rose gold plate

Love Pendant with sterling silver and brass

Poetic Cross Bracelet with a sterling silver charm

Rosary Necklace with bronze freshwater pearls and crystal

Camp Stud Heart Earrings with brass and sterling silver


Shine a Light for the Dream Foundation

“Oscar de la Renta and Hollye Jacobs” were the first words on the invitation that caught my eye. The invitation to this very fabulous event appeared in my inbox, offering a day of shopping to benefit the Dream Foundation at the beautiful Four Seasons Biltmore Hotel in Santa Barbara. With 15% of all sales benefiting the Dream Foundation, what better excuse to shop the extraordinary fashions created by one of the world’s most amazing men, designer Oscar de la Renta. Graceful hostess Hollye Jacobs orchestrated a most wonderful event.  A Montecito tastemaker (alongside her roles as wife, mom and blogger), Hollye is an inspiring advocate for all who are facing life-threatening illnesses.

I am sure you may be wondering what Waxing Poetic has to do with the Dream Foundation, or what we have in common with this fashion designer. Well, much like Oscar has done, Waxing Poetic will also be joining in on a philanthropic voyage to promote awareness and fund-raising efforts for the Dream Foundation.  As part of our new special philanthropic project for 2011, we have created a delicious collection of Luminary Candles, with the purpose of shining a light on five outstanding charities. Waxing Poetic has partnered with the Dream Foundation, Girls Incorporated, Human Rights Watch, Storytellers Children’s Center, and the Los Olivos Business Organization.

As our friends and fans know, Waxing Poetic has always had a passion for encouraging each individual to create his or her own story through the mixing and matching of our jewelry pieces. Well now our fans can participate in the story telling of one (or all!) of the five unique and special charities, like the Dream Foundation.

The Dream Foundation's mission is to enhance the quality of life for adults and their families who are battling life-threatening illnesses. This amazing organization fulfills dreams and wishes for those individuals battling life-threatening illnesses and their families. We have chosen our Ambrosial candle to tell the Dream Foundation's story of compassion, love, and peace, while also being a reminder to us all of how precious the gift of life can be.

While attending the Oscar de la Renta event, I was able to meet with Carol Brown, the Chief Operating Officer of the Dream Foundation. Waxing Poetic will be working closely with Carol and her incredible organization to spread the word about the Ambrosial candle.

~Caroline Thompson

Lights, Camera, Action!

Things are busy here at the Waxing Poetic offices this week!  We spent Monday on the set of our photo shoot at the offices here in Los Olivos, as well as with the WP ring-leader, Patti Pagliei. The focus of our photo shoot was to capture the story of Patti and the company. Thanks to the skilled eyes of Nancy Neil - professional photographer and friend from Santa Barbara (check out her fantastic blog here: - behind the camera’s lens, she was successful in capturing much more than just pretty faces and fun jewelry.

Among the shoot’s subjects photographed by Nancy, were the 12 fabulous females who make up the Waxing Poetic Design & Management Team. Two of which are our special friends, model Tamsyn Firestone Walker, and singer-songwriter Haddon Cord. These two girls are naturally beautiful, sweet, and full of positive-energy, which is why they both have received the title of being our Waxing Poetic Muses. (We were able to sneak a shot of Patti and our Muses behind the talented Nancy Neil!) The hair and makeup artist Renee Loiz enhanced and transformed all of us with her bold styling skills. Patti was the first to be photographed in our retail boutique adorned with an array of favorites from her personal Waxing Poetic collection. Patti stepped out in the cutest Jean-Michael Cazabat sandals and wedges, and was dressed in perfectly fitting, timeless pieces selected especially for her by fashion designer, Heidi Merrick (both of which are also represented by Bradbury-Lewis PR team in NYC, like us). We were fortunate that Santa Ynez Valley resident and sculptor Suzi Trubitz opened her studio doors to us, so we could shoot against the backdrop of her amazing artwork (So inspiring! Visit them here: All in all, our photo shoot was a great success! We are all very eager to see what Nancy captured. Until then, we have some “Behind the Scenes” photo-ops taken by some of our WP Gals to tide us over!

An Inside Look at the First Annual WP Retailers & Reps Round Table

Here at Waxing Poetic's HQ, we all design, plot, produce and service our line in various small, overcrowded rooms in our cottage-y offices that are adjacent to our flagship store.  We are all so intently focused on what we do, that sometimes (read: always), it is good to orchestrate events that bring our sales, customer service and creative teams together.  Like...

The First Annual Waxing Poetic Retailers & Reps Round Table. Pictured from left to right:  Lizanne Pagliei Hales from Waxing Poetic; Jessie Justice from Waxing Poetic; Suzanne Garrett from Waxing Poetic; Dorothy Alspaugh from Alspaugh’s Ace Hardware in Kingwood, TX; Randa Crisler from Portico Collection Showroom in Dallas, TX; Vicky Muetterties from Tango Showroom in Atlanta, GA; Donna Singer from Portico Collection Showroom in Dallas, TX; Patti Pagliei Simpson from Waxing Poetic; MaryBeth Greene from Tango Showroom in Atlanta, GA; Stephanie Kheder from Waxing Poetic; Keely Davis from The Paisley Pineapple in Olive Branch, MS; and Alana Trubitz from Waxing Poetic.

Enter: two super-supportive WP showroom managers, two wildly successful WP retailers, and their respective WP rock star (for real) reps.  Yes.  Add: Our own inspired squad.  Mix in: their ideas, our ideas, wine, dinners, laughter, serious business, and fun. We like. And we got: a incredible working vacation in our own small town (us), graced with lots of glorious southern charm (them).  We love.  For three solid days, we presented what we have been working on - displays, modes of operation, possibilities, designs, concepts, danishes.  And they conquered with their great sales and retail acumen, one by one (and at times, all at once).  They spoke, and we listened... and vice versa.  And we all learned.  And we all shared.  And we are all thankful (and looking forward to the next time...).

Happy Shifting, 2011

We have been given a new decade. Another chance to frame the world as it is, acknowledging that is slinks very swiftly into was, and then.

Everything moves so quickly.

We usually try to start with a word. Sometimes several. This year, we kept an older one (wayfinding), considered one we love both as object and action (shrine), and tried to find something, if nothing else, that could hold that intimate, shareable, but almost inarticulable place in a sentence (the way one might hold a scene, a memory, a moment).

We ended up hung up on a prefix: RE. From the Latin, meaning to go back, again; and again...

How this tiny pair of letters shifts the meaning of everything it touches – sometimes quietly, sometimes with bravado, but always with a kind of great care... it seems more than appropri- ate to make a shortlist of re-words, and follow suit by taking care to see the huge shifts made by the very small.

Restore. Held Close, too.

Return. A Second, A third, or Several times over

Replace. What might have once been lost gets found and found

Repair. Or made better.  Letting the seams show.

Review. Seen differently this time, with different motives

Return. (again) : over, around, and back

Recall. To go back in memory , shift timeplaces

Relinquish. To let go, set free

Revive. Brought back to life, as if from sleep , the difference of only a few...


And then a not so obvious one: Repository.

Yes. Repository... refers to an archive. A storehouse. A trove of information or treasures. Also, it can be a trusted person, a confidante, a keeper. In a way, a kind of shrine. A tangible place (or thing) to safe-keep the intangible. We store things inside of other things, but more implicitly, we are ourselves repositories—our own mutable archives; our commonplace books, our silva rerum, our narratives and our most cherished attempts.
We have so much to keep safe, and keep close, and consider....



A Wonderous Place to Wander for Treasures

J. Woeste, our favorite place for wandering, is right across the street from our boutique and offices in Los Olivos. This unique gift and garden shop offers treasures for the home and garden that we just love and know you will too! Jefferson, the owner and purveyor of the most charming succulent arrangements, is a good friend to all of us here at Waxing Poetic and has a keen eye for the most marvelous things.  The cooing of doves and a coop of chickens is part of the whole experience here (we’re in the country after all!), as is the well placed statuary and seasonal displays.  Each new season, many of us find ourselves across the street, buying this-and-that to feather our nests.

A friend of ours recently gifted the over sized garden chimes (that ring the deepest, most resonant tones) to a newly married couple, which we just love.  There are so many unique things at J. Woeste!  And the shop is green in more ways than the plants . . . cardboard boxes and newspaper are re-purposed into the most humbly-chic gift packaging.  Simple and stunning.   We always send our guests over to Jefferson’s place and know he will have the perfect treasure to mark their visits!


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