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Swarovski Crystal Jewelry
We’ve partnered with internationally recognized luxury brand, Swarovski, to include their precision cut crystals in our jewelry line. Swarovski crystals (and thus our crystal adorned jewelry) offers unique brilliance and durability and provides special value from a top tier luxury brand.
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Swarovski Crystal Jewelry Collection – Unique Pendants, Charms, Necklaces, Bracelets and Rings

Glow, sparkle and illuminate with our signature line of Swarovski crystal jewelry. There is simply no substitute for the brilliance and quality of genuine Swarovski crystals, and we’re excited to offer you these magnificent pieces of jewelry art for your personal collection.

Precision cut to ensure each crystal glitters with energizing light, with every movement the crystal sparkles as light reflects from every faceted angle. Treat yourself to jewelry that puts a smile on your face and a spring in your step. They beam with sparkling energy, illuminating your inner essence.

Dazzling Earrings and Necklaces

Jazz up your ears with dazzling Swarovski crystal earrings that match your mood and personality. If you’re looking for the perfect pair of glittery earrings to wear with dressy outfits, we’ve got just the earrings for you! Find earrings in popular shapes that are sprinkled with glittering crystals that dazzle as they dangle. The embedded crystals draw attention to your face and look fabulous, whether you wear your hair in an up do, cut short or flowing over your shoulders.

Once you’ve selected your glittery earrings, it’s time to create dazzling Swarovski crystal necklaces to wear with them. We provide everything you need to make your necklace a memorable one. Simply, choose one or more crystal pendants or charms and a chain, choker or stylized necklace design. Imagine the stunning jewelry looks you can create with a luxe style charm, pendant and chain or other combination.

Glittering Charms and Pendants

When it comes to luxurious charms, Waxing Poetic has all the glitter you could possibly want in one convenient place. Find glittering pendants and charms featuring themes such as floral, nature’s winged creatures, celestial wonders, love, animals, geometric shapes and faith. These can all be mixed and matched in a variety of creative ways.

Bangles, Cuffs and Rings with Bling

Accentuate your look with other Swarovski crystal jewelry selections. Our collection includes crystal-studded bangles, enigmatic cuffs and rings with lots of glittery impact.

Why We Use Swarovski Crystals?

In addition to delivering premium quality crystals with unique radiance, Swarovski uses responsible corporate practices and has a history of collaboration with designers, artist and visionaries. We share Swarovski's values and know that our jewelry delivers on their mission: “we add sparkle to people’s everyday lives."

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