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Word Jewelry
This, here, to remind you each and every day of your infinite potential – and inspire you to meet it and the world majestically and with great joy.
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Word Jewelry – Inspirational & Empowering Words on Jewelry

We love words filled with meaning and emotion and that’s why we’ve created a whole collection of word jewelry. Explore this bountiful collection of artistic designs featuring selected words and sentiments that are packed with purpose. When done well (and we do it well), this type of jewelry goes beyond decorative adornment — there’s a wonderful surprise awaiting anyone who looks more closely. You, of course, will know that the words are there because you can feel their impact, lifting you upwards as you go about your day.

A Single Powerful Word

Some of our word jewelry features a single word. Words featured on our jewelry may include: Faith, Love, Believe, Blessed and Breathe. When added to a pendant, these words can be so close to your essence, you can feel the power of their inspirational force. It’s truly amazing how transformative a single word can be when you take it to heart and wear it around your neck, around your wrist or near your ears. We offer these words in various shapes, sizes, metal colors and designs. Choose jewelry words that mean something special to you and let each piece do for you what it’s done for countless others.

Inspiring Sentiment

We offer several word jewelry charms and pendants with inspiring sentiments appearing on the front or back. The sentiments are always uplifting, and depending on the piece, the words can be motivational in different ways. And, they are given more impact when paired with an awesome jewelry design. These are special pieces to wear when you’re in a certain mood, need words of encouragement or when you want to wear a favorite expression.

Interchangeable Charms & Pendants

Word jewelry gives you the opportunity to express your poet side whenever you desire. Wear a word sentiment necklace or bracelet and add another word pendant for enhanced meaning. Or, you can combine two, three, or more word charms or pendants to create any combination of self-expression you wish. Interchange them daily, weekly or whenever you’re in the mood.

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