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Personal Interest Charms
Languages are always personalized… we have our favorite words, and each of us has our own vocabulary that really personalizes the way we communicate. Waxing Poetic wanted to create our own little language - a collective language of love. We ended up making the Personal Vocabulary collection, consisting the things we love, the pieces of our life that are decidedly of the earthly realm, the familiar and loved… always expanding, always developing over time, like any language does, to reflect what is happening in our lives at the moment.
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Personal Interest Personal Vocabulary Charms Collection – Animal Charms, Winged Charms, Lucky Charms, Nature Charms and Sports Charms

A beautiful thing to consider when you think about how we use language to communicate is that we can substitute symbolism for words. As part of a larger community, we all learn the meanings for things through visual images and our own learned perceptions. This is why it’s so easy to communicate an idea or concept with our charming collection of personal vocabulary jewelry charms.

Each charm has a design that is recognizable in its own special way. Its theme may be an animal, an activity or a meaningful symbol that instantly conveys a feeling of shared connection. How will you wear your personal interest charms? There are many possibilities.

Wear What You Love

Brighten your outfits with jewelry charms that reflect your love of certain things. Wear what you love is simple to do with jewelry and we offer a varied selection of gleaming charms that support a love of pets, enjoyment for a sport or hobby, love of a higher power, love for a type of entertainment or love for the environment. Charms make it possible to express your love for different things on any given day. Changing charms is as easy as changing a shirt, and much more fun.

Express a Point of View

Perhaps you have strong views about something, and you want to wear a charm that helps you share your point of view with others. Browse our collection to find personal vocabulary charms that helps you express views such as support for saving endangered animals, a desire for peaceful co-existence or your devotion to a favorite activity or food item.

Be Creative and Unique

As a unique individual, you can express your uniqueness in a myriad of ways. One of those ways is with unique jewelry charms. Crafted with skill and creativity, you can take any charm and add it to any chain, choker, bangle, bracelet or necklace to create a jewelry accessory that is uniquely your own.

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