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Pearl of...
Patti designed the Bee Brave Honeypearl Charm way back in 2013, we knew something special was in our possession. Our new Pearls of … Collection expands on these winged beauties, celebrating bravery and wisdom that exists in all of us. The hard part will be deciding between the dragonfly, owl, snake and others.
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Unique Pearl Jewelry – Charming and Creative Pearl Jewelry Pendants, Bracelets, Charms and Necklaces

Pearls are nature’s gleaming white jewel given to us from the depths of the ocean. Ever since they were discovered, humans have been using pearls to make jewelry that epitomizes the idea of simple elegance. At Waxing Poetic, we have our own ideas about how to best use natural pearls for creating expressive jewelry pieces. The result of artisan imagination is found in this captivating collection.

Pearl of…can be anything you desire it to be. Pearl of all things good. Pearl of purity. Pearl of wonderous natural beauty. Pearl of wisdom. Literally, anything is possible with pearls…which gives us another idea. How about Pearl of possibilities?

Charming Pearl Charms & Pendants

We can’t explain why it works, but we are grateful for the pearl’s ability to look great when paired with unique designs inspired by nature. As a matter of fact, we’re giddy with delight over the charms and pendants we offer featuring the pearl. You too may find that you are drawn to the unexpected beauty of a pearl charm winged bee or dragonfly. Or, how about a cute pearl ladybug?

Pearl placement in our charms and pendants is always carefully considered, and each pearl is placed where it can best be appreciated. Also, every design is as unique as you are.

Freshwater Pearl Necklace

The freshwater pearl necklace is a dreamy addition to your jewelry collection. We create a strand of beauty by combining numerous freshwater pearls of a certain size with a stylish chain in your choice of sizes. Pearl necklaces look stunning with white, light or dark-colored clothing, making them wonderfully versatile. Add a Waxing Poetic pearl charm or pendant for enhanced brilliance and charm appeal.

Standout Pearl Bracelet

Freshwater pearls on a bracelet? Yes, we did that. Enjoy that same dreamy natural look as you do with our necklace styles. To make it a standout bracelet, we add creative embellishments, which may include curated charms from our other collections.

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