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Otherworld Necklace Collection
Recognition, whether it’s recognition of some part of another person’s essential self, or recognition of how someone’s presence in your life improves it, and sharing some kind of proof is one of the greatest gifts we can ever hope to give (or receive).
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Otherworld Jewelry Necklace Collection with Charms – Cross Necklace, Star Necklace, Heart Necklace and Moon Necklace

You are an individual and you are a person who shares an unbreakable bond with someone near and dear to your heart. The Otherworld collection is one way you can recognize this bond with beautiful, otherworldly jewelry.

Perhaps it is a mother/daughter bond, a sibling bond or a bond between two best friends. Or you may feel bonded with someone who sees the world as you do. When it comes time to find this special person a gift, browse this collection for fine jewelry gift ideas. Otherworld jewelry can be given for any celebration. These pieces are uniquely special and speak volumes about your admiration and affection for the gift recipient.

Relatable Symbols

In keeping with the otherworld theme, each piece of fine quality jewelry features an easily recognizable symbol. One of the world’s most recognizable and beloved symbols is the cross. Give someone a unique cross as an acknowledgement of their enduring faith. Our sideways cross is a contemplative piece that floats across the collarbone.

Celestial symbolism is represented by a star and the moon. Our shooting star has an angular projection — perfect for those who are blazing a trail towards a dream or goal. The moon stirs the imagination in silhouette, and you can choose a single moon or two interconnected moons. Other symbols include the heart, Hamsa hand and a pathfinding bar.

A Touch of Crystal Sparkle

We give each of our Otherworld designs a dash of sparkle with the addition of tiny Swarovski crystals. The crystals elevate each necklace design, giving it a touch of glimmer shine. Pendants may have one, two, three or four crystals to admire.

Keepsake Presentation Box

Giving an Otherworld necklace to that special someone is easier thanks to our impressive presentation. Each necklace resides inside of our signature wooden keepsake box with brass hinges and lock. Arranged on a cushiony soft box liner, your jewelry gift arrives ready for giving.

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