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Mysteries of the Zodiac Charms & Necklaces
Our Zodiac charms represent the connection we share with the stars, our destinies swayed by their course and light. These charms do double duty: each sterling silver charm front has a symbol of a zodiac sign, while its corresponding constellation is engraved on the back.
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Hold Your Sign by Your Heart

The zodiac holds insight into so much — past, future and present. Waxing Poetic’s collection of zodiac charms celebrates the mystical meaning held high in the sky and helps you capture and emit your own astrological energy throughout the day. Featuring stunning sterling silver charms in every one of the 12 zodiac signs, these pretty, durable pendants let you create a zodiac necklace that helps you hold your star sign close to your heart. Our horoscope necklaces also make amazing gifts for someone you adore.

Find Your Zodiac Pendant

Find your special charm as part of the Mysteries of the Zodiac and Circle of Life collections, featuring special pendants for all of the horoscope signs. Waxing Poetic zodiac pendants are made by hand using high-quality sterling silver and other enduring materials. Each one showcases the simplest version of the zodiac glyph surrounded by a circle to symbolize the great zodiac circle. On the reverse side of the Circle of Life charms, the sign’s corresponding constellation is etched alongside a Waxing Poetic marking.

The earthy sterling silver gives these one-of-a-kind creations an especially grounded feel that’s sturdy and long-lasting so you can wear your horoscope necklace all the time. As always, Waxing Poetic pieces are meant to serve as extensions of the personality, totems of the self and reminders of who we are, and no collection does that quite like our horoscope jewelry. We hope that these meaningful works of art guide you and inspire you in whatever you do. Wear yours only on a simple, minimalist chain or stack charms with the zodiac signs of your kids, siblings or spouse.

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