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Honey Love Collection
Our abstracted and sculptural rendition of a honeycomb pattern, cast in bright, beautiful brass is warm and delectable. Be inspired by our industrious bee friends and take on your day with a sense of purpose and collective pride
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Honey Love Jewelry Collection – Abstract Honeycomb Earrings, Cuffs, Pendants and Rings

Honey is a word that is often used in regular conversation and in countless books, articles, stories and poems. Honey makes you instantly think of something sweet. In relationships, honey is a fond nickname for a loved one. It may also be someone’s given name at birth. At its natural source, the word honey refers to that golden, sweet, rich nectar produced by honeybees.

It is the honeybee and its resourceful ability to create a honeycomb living space that has inspired us to create our Honey Love collection. We love everything about the gooey honey that is found inside of honeycombs. We also love how honeybees create structures out of connected geometric shapes. Bees are amazing little architects and our jewelry captures the essence of their natural creations.

Buzzworthy Shapes

Waxing Poetic artisans were inspired by the octagonal shapes found in the honeycomb when creating their designs. Designs may be abstract in their shape or they may adhere to a more faithful rendering of shapes found in a honeycomb. Sometimes the shape features a frame design, which is a modern art style interpretation. Other designs offer intriguing interpretations of octagonal style. All pieces in this collection can be worn separately or together in various buzzworthy combinations.

Adorn Your Ears

Give your ears that “wow” factor with Honey Love earrings. We offer several earring designs featuring the golden gleam of honey-colored brass metal. Designs are unique and standout when dangling from your ears. Earrings are a fun way to show your love for all of that honey you enjoy with biscuits, toast and tea.

Cuff Your Arm

Are you looking for unique cuffs to wear with certain outfits? Our Honey Love cuffs look dazzling on the arm. Depending on the style, the cuff can be a gleaming accent or a show stopping piece that helps define your look. Create a distinctive honeycomb set by combining a honeycomb cuff, honeycomb earrings and a honeycomb ring.

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